Replace your joints, not your lifestyle

If knee or hip pain is slowing you down, Sentara OrthoJoint Center® may be able to help.

How do you know if it’s time to consider joint replacement surgery?

When pain in your joints makes shopping, taking part in hobbies, doing housework or just walking too difficult, it’s time to reclaim your lifestyle! If conservative measures such as diet, exercise and medications are no longer providing relief, it may be time to consider a joint replacement.

Sentara OrthoJoint Center® offers a better joint replacement experience that is designed to get you back to the activities you enjoy. Experienced orthopedic surgeons, a dedicated Orthopedic Patient Navigator, and a team of caring and specialty trained nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals are working together to deliver your care that is based on proven quality outcomes.

Our new Express Track gives you a new innovative option that offers you all of the high quality care of our Sentara OrthoJoint Center® coupled with a shortened hospital stay. This prepares you to leave the day after or even the same day of your joint replacement surgery and continue your recovery in the comfort of your own home.

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